Snek Peak+Views+Vacation

pic1.jpgHere is a sneak peak for a level in a current clubpenguin game. If you want to take a guess at what it is leave a comment PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t gotten more than one comment ever since I started this blog. If I dont recieve at least 30 more views by the end of themonth I think I’ll probaly quit. I’m just wating my time.

Once again-Thank You to all of my fans

I’m going on vacation starting Friday July 25, 2008. I’m hoping there will be a computer that I will have easy access to or there wont be any playing or information updating for 2 weeks. If you know anything about this the place I’m Staying at is West Gate Palace in Orlando Florida.

The Dr is Checking out.

How do you think that catchphrase is I’m trying to grab the readers attention. AHHHHH I sound like a teacher.

The Dr is Checking out. For real this time


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  1. Tompot123 says:

    Nice Site man


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