My Buddies


Humtoch1 is my younger brother who’s real name is Abraham. His penguin is just as old as mine is and is looking for some buddies. He can be found either on Sub Zero or FJord. You wont ever catch him anywhere else unless there is an party that are hosted from famous people like Tooly228 or MidFresh


Summerautumn and I met in FJord. We met and my computer kept on freezing so it was hard to communicate. But one of her likable qualities was that she waited for it to unfreeze every time. She is a great friend who I see almost every day. All of the time it is at FJord.


We met in Fjord playing find four while I was preparing to face Tooly’s party. ( I was actually two hour behind and missing the last parts of the party). While I was deleting buddies who I no longer speak to I accidentally deleted her. Then a few days later my brother became close friends with her and I found out she was sisters with Summerautumn. Then after she agreed to be my buddy again we all went to a social gathering to the coffee shop. It was a great day


I met him the same way I met puffball We were friends then he accidentally deleted me but then I met Tessa who was his friend and she told me where to find him then I eventually became his friend again and then became Tessa’s too.


I met her while trying to find bacon. She was a great help and now she is a great friend. 😀


He was the first person on cp who knows me because of my blog. He calls hiself a fan although since we have the about the same amount of hits I would call friendly rivalry. He is ahead by a about 14 or so hits.


The following were met on clubpenguin randomly:

Rex133, Tester, Ribsythedog and Carla Y


The following were met at one of my hosted parties



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  1. bacon707 says:

    wow,awesome blog :mrgreen: give me a time so we can meet on cp. I really love this blog 😉 bacon707

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