Mission 9 Video

October 18, 2008

Hey everyone! I made a video on how to complete mission 9!

Here it is:


Club Penguin Times Issue #156

October 9, 2008

Hey everyone it’s Blitz! Club Penguin has released a new newspaper!

Remember the Halloween party will start on October 29th! Also there will be a igloo contest next week!

Club Penguin’s 3rd birthday is on October 24th in the town center!

Here are the new events:

Seems like October will be very fun month!

Fall Fair+Apollogy

September 24, 2008

Here is a picture of the fall fair that is coming our way. Woo Hoo look like rockhopper is on his way too.Check out my soon to be rockhopper page. Refreshed every thirty seconds. But Im only one person so it might not be very acurate. Also sorry for the lack of post. middle school is tough and I have lots of homework to do. I’ll try as hard as possible to get many post.

New Events Coming

September 15, 2008

Hey everyone it’s Blitz!

Here are the new events coming to Club Penguin:

The Fall Fair party (all the favorites from last year plus new stuff!)

A visit from Rockhopper (with very cool stuff!)

Halloween Party (complete with an igloo decorating contest, awesome costumes, and lots of spooky surprises!)

3rd Anniversary Party (Club Penguin is turning 3!)

A new Yearbook (with highlights of the past year!)

A new mission (more info later)

Fall Fair

September 10, 2008

Near the end of september there will be a Fall fair. Thich means that they should include: decorations, new music, probably famous music and of coure free items. Here is a sneak peak picture.


New Clothing Catalog Cheats And More

September 6, 2008

Hey everyone! The new clothing catalog was released today and as I predicted the Pink Hoodie came back.

Here are the cheats:

For the Viking Helmet click on the yellow puffle.

For the Mixed Bracelets click on the penguin’s mouth.

For the Jade Necklace click on main base of the Sunburst Guitar.

In the wig catalog click on the Spikester for the Spikette.

Here is the new background:

Also the stage has started having construction for the next stage.

In other news:

Club Penguin released a new postcard for the Soccer Pitch.

Sneak Peak Catalog

September 3, 2008

Looks like overalls, detective hat, bandana sets and jeans.

What do you think?

The Dr is checking out